The Arcane Society

King Vonte Dajuan founded Latanne as a feudal kingdom independent of the Council of Wyrms. The Arcane Society was created by Lutharius, a powerful wizard and advisor to the first king of Latanne. Vonte and Lutharius were both high distrustful of dragons and they saw Wizardry as an uncorruptable form of arcane power. The Arcane Society has many roles in Latanne. They are primarily an intelligence orginization tasked with information gathering. Each town in Latanne has an Enclave for the Arcane Society ran by an Arcanist. Publically these enclaves perform many mundane roles such as selling magical aid and items but they are not beholden to local laws and customs. The Arcane Society answers to none but itself and ultimately the king. Arcanists are free to roam wherever they please or task their acolytes to do the same.

Arcane Acolytes are traditionally orphans adopted by the society from an early age. Acolytes are trained at one of The Arcane Society colleges in the cities of Taris or Tiador until they reach the age of eighteen. They must then serve two years in the military just as every other citizen of Latanne does but they are not permitted to change professions and make a career of it. Members of the Society serve for life. They are not allowed to have families and they swear a vow of secrecy.

Arcane Acolytes wear black robes trimmed w/ gold over black studded leather armor. They are trained to dual weild weapons and their weapon of choice are bracers equipped with spring-loaded short swords which keep their fingers free for casting.

Arcanists wear black robes trimmed w/ gold patterned w/ gold. Arch Arcanists wear gold robes trimmed w/black patterned w/ black. The Arcane Overseer wears solid gold robes.

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The Arcane Society

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